The objective of this type of activities is to make the most of your stay, but your safety is also very important. If you choose to do this type of routes on your own, you must take into account the following recommendations that will help you discover Valencia by bike.


We always tell you how pleasant it is to discover the city of Valencia by bike, so we suggest doing a bike tour of the city, as always accompanied by an Official Guide so you don’t miss anything.


1) Organize your route: if you don’t know the city, take some time to understand the route you are going to follow and always ask somebody to recommend the best options. If you rent a bicycle at Do You Bike Valencia they will be happy to help you. You can ask for a bike tour in the shop or book directly with us here.

2) Check the city’s bike lane map: if you want updated information about them, check here. You will find them very useful.

3) Follow traffic regulations: if you don’t want to have any scare during your trip, as in any other city, you must follow traffic regulations.


Remember: Do not break the rules


4) Do not ride on the sidewalk: riding on the sidewalk is completely forbidden. You must ride on the road. If at any point you feel unsafe, get off the bike and do that stretch on foot or, much better, look for an alternative route. Valencia is not a chaotic city, but it is true that some of its avenues, especially at peak times, have very heavy traffic.

5) Use the bike’s bell: make yourself heard. After all, a bicycle is a transport in which your entire body is exposed. For this reason, make other vehicles aware of your presence so that they also respect you.

6) Reflective elements: help people see you. If you are going to use your bicycle at night, do not forget that you will have to wear reflective elements so that the rest of the vehicles and pedestrians can see you.

7) Do not forget the lights: if you are going out at night in the city, check that the lights work properly before renting the bicycle, because you will need them.


Very important: Lights will be needed, if you ride at night time.


8) Beware of parked cars: many times we focus only on the rest of the traffic but it is also important to pay attention to pedestrians and parked cars. Do not get too close to them, one may suddenly open one of the doors and it is very easy to have an accident if you are very close. So open your eyes wide and stay alert when you ride your bike.

9) Make sure you have a lock: ask for a good lock wherever you rent your bike. Valencia is not more dangerous than any other city, but you should not leave things unattended, so when you are not pedaling make sure you leave your bike well parked and secured.

These are some of our recommendations for discovering Valencia by bike, although, as you can see, most could apply to any other city you wish to visit.




No matter how you visit the city, remember to enjoy it, Valencia is a beautiful city where you can spend some very pleasant days.

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