Visiting Valencia with children

When becoming parents, many give up that pleasure known as TRAVELLING And it is not fair. Becoming a parent changes you, but should not force you to become someone else. That’s why we wanted to make this practical guide to travel with children. Because both we and they can enjoy the city, the art, the monuments, the walks and the food.


Let’s go!


  1. If it is your first trip we recommend choosing a destination that is easy to access (by train, boat or plane) and not too far away (Valencia meets these requirements if you come from almost anywhere in Spain).
  2. We recommend taking only two or three days, especially if our child is still a baby.
  3. Look for accommodation in a quiet neighbourhood. Adapt to the change. Travelling with them is not like travelling alone. But it will be nice and fun. If your children are old enough to learn and have a conversation, visiting a museum will be a great family experience. We recommend fun museums like the Príncipe Felipe science museum or taking a walk around the Hemisfèric if you come to Valencia.
  4. Look for an official guide who can adapt the tour for children. Organize each day with their help. Prearrange only one activity per day, let the rest of the stay be a surprise for everyone.
  5. Carry a bit of everything in your suitcase, but just enough, so that the bags are not an obstacle to make an excursion or take a walk on the beach. Let the children bring their own suitcase. Let them choose their clothes, which will be a different experience for them as well. This way they will learn to travel from an early age and live it as something super cool.


More options


  1. Respect their schedules and hours of sleep. We will adapt the trip to your needs. For this reason we recommend a hotel where you can enjoy once the children are asleep. For example, one with a terrace with views or a spa. If they are very small you will have to take turns, but if they are old enough to sleep alone it is a good option so you can take some time for yourselves.
  2. Look for an activity to do with them. Tours should not only be adapted to the different components of the group, but there are also many activities that both children and adults can enjoy. For example, bike tours or a cooking workshop for children where adults can enjoy the gastronomy of the city.
  3. Enjoy discovering or rediscovering the city with your children. Look for a destination that allows you to learn about history but also to rest. Include a blanket or large towel in your suitcase and prepare a picnic. It will make for a different yet affordable time. Here are the best places to have a picnic in the city:
  4. Talk to them at the end of the day.What did you like the most? What would you like to do tomorrow? Involve them in your plans.
  5. Take a lot of pictures. You will remember these moments forever.




Visiting Valencia with children and let´s to have fun

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