Cruiser line tourism is still fashionable. For lots of people, it is a quick and easy way to discover several cities in a short span of time, without renouncing to the comfort of a 5* hotel.
Valencia is one of the Spanish cities with the highest number of cruise ship visitors. Our geographical location and heritage have turned ours into one of the most visited Spanish cities in the last years.
In each of the stops of a cruise ship, there is the possibility to enjoy a shore excursion, which is usually the best way to make the most of your stay. Commonly, the ship stays at the city only for a few hours, so nothing beats having someone to accompany and advice you. Having an expert local guide can make a huge difference. Choose your cruise excursion in Valencia so you can explore the most important spots in the city without any kind of worries.
The most recommended shore excursion in Valencia covers the City of Arts and Sciences and the old town, with sights such as the Serrano Towers, Plaza de la Reina, Plaza de la Virgen, Plaza de la Almoïna, the Catedral and Basilica, the Central Market and the Lonja de la Seda.
Furthermore, you can combine this Valencia tour with other activities such as a paella cooking workshop and/or an horchata tasting.
Your cruise tour in Valencia can include transport. We will pick you up at the port for the guided shore excursion, and at the end, we will leave you back at the port. Comfort and simplicity. Hiring your cruise excursion in Valencia privately will mean a smaller group and a more personalized experience.
Apart from learning about our history and culture, we like giving you the best advice, we want you to feel like home. We aim to show you the Valencia that is our home and communicate what living in Valencia is really like.
If you would like to know more about our cruise tours in Valencia, get in contact so we can answer your doubts and questions:

Shore Excursion Valencia

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