These are our recommended means of transport to move freely around Valencia without any problem


When you are visiting the city, know that there are many ways to move around Valencia. In Guiarte Valencia, we recommend that you always organize your visit beforehand and use the most convenient means of transportation for each occasion. We already published a brief practical transport guide of Valencia. But now we want to expand that information (there are new options). We’ll help you organize your visit and give you all your options to move freely in the city of Turia. Let’s go!


We start with the classics: Metro, Tram and Bus.


The metro in Valencia is a quick, simple and inexpensive way to get around the city. There are five lines that cover the city quite well. There is the possibility of combined cards, you can ask at the information desk of the metro station which one suits you best.  Here you have the line and zone maps. If you need more information, you can check the Metrovalencia website, which offers updated information on timetables, routes and any other information of interest. We recommend the TUIN card to move without zone limitations. With it, you pay depending on where you go.


Regarding the bus:


You can move around the city at any time using the city buses. Since the network is so wide, the easiest thing to do is to check which lines are best for you on their website, depending on where you want to go. There are new bus lines that take you from the city centre to the beaches, including the ones outside the city like El Saler: EMT Valencia’s line 25 has made it possible to connect the centre of Valencia with the Albufera Natural Park. This bus line communicates Valencia with the southern towns: El Saler, El Palmar and El Perellonet (Take the opportunity to get to know the best “rice villages” of Valencia and the Albufera). You can take your bike on the bus to the natural park and have a great day.

Urban bicycles. This means of transport offers freedom and quickness, is economical, respectful of the environment, fun and also improves physical and mental health, helping us to relieve stress. An increasing number of cities offer urban cycling opportunities to their citizens. Valencia introduced this modern initiative by making available a total of 2,750 bicycles, distributed in 275 stations located in different parts of the city, to citizens and visitors. You can find all the info here.


MUVING – Electric motor scooters


With these electric scooters you can be respectful of the environment and go your own way. On 19 October, Valencia launched the first “motosharing” network without stations; that is to say, a rental service for shared electric scooters that can be rented on the street. Users can check the map using an APP (available for download for iOS and Android) to find the nearest one, unlock it, make their trip, and park it wherever you want (in public parking spaces). It’s a luxury to be able to move around the city with total freedom and you can also get outside the city perimeter. Here is the map.


*Tip: perfect to move to the Patacona beach (Alboraya)




Without a doubt, this season’s sensation. You can rent them in different parts of the city and use it as a means of transport to move around the urban area (including the beaches). Ride along the bike lane and try to wear a helmet. It is also environmentally friendly, we can take care of the environment and have fun at the same time. We recommend you to rent in Calle Moro Zeit, the guys in Valenjoy make it easy for you.

Lastly, we offer several tours around the city using different means of transport: from scooters to bicycles.

Ask for information and we will adapt to your tastes and needs. Remember that Guiarte Valencia wants to show you the other of Valencia, the one you don’t see in postcards or guides. 100% authentic and fun.



We are waiting for you!

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