If something is trendy right now is “Gastronomic tourism”, and Spain is one of the countries that attracts more tourists who want to discover our cuisine and enjoy the gastronomy in Valencia. If there is something our visitors want, it is to discover traditional dishes during their holidays.


Therefore, we offer this small Practical Guide of Valencia: cuisine.


The city of Valencia is no stranger to gastronomic tourism, with its characteristic “Mediterranean Diet”(a healthy lifestyle, kept along for generations and recognised as World Heritage). In the last years, the city has earned a position among the most important cuisine destinations in Spain.

A wonderful mixture between the modern and the traditional make Valencia a perfect city to savour. In the Central Market, you can find a variety of high-quality prime material.

Many of the bars and restaurants in the area offer what is known as “market cuisine”, which refers to the place they buy their products as a way to prove their quality. Apart from them, up to 4 Michelin restaurants can be found in the Turia capital.


What are the most traditional dishes in the region? 


Rices, of course. You can find more than 100 different rice varieties, the most well-known of which are the traditional Valencian paella, “arròs al forn” (oven-cooked rice), “arròs amb fessols i naps” (rice with beans and turnip).

“Fideuà” (a paella variant that uses pasta instead of rice and fish).

“Esgarraet” (green peppers and cod), “tellines” (a small mollusc).

“All i pebre” (a spicy stew with potatoes and eels, traditional from the Albufera de Valencia)

“Buñuelos de calabaza” (pumpkin dough fritters, eaten primarily during the  Fallas festival).

The most well-known of Valencian drinks: Horchata amb fartons (a fresh drink made with tiger nuts and sugar).

Gastronomy in Valencia

Those are the reasons why we think Valencia is a great cuisine destination, and why Guiarte Valencia wants to promote the city, not only with cultural tours, but also with gastronomic tours and activities.


We suggest several gastronomic activities to do in Valencia, which you will surely love:


Paella Cooking: Learn how to cook our authentic Valencian paella. The one we have on our social gatherings with friends and family. You have the possibility to learn much more from this easy, yet delicious dish.

Valencia wine tasting: We suggest two options: tasting the wines in a restaurant or in the Albufera. This Natural Park is extremely exceptional, but the activity can only be booked at some times of the year due to weather issues.

TIP: Visit a nearby Winery: Approximately just one hour from Valencia, you can visit wineries and discover some of the wines produced in the region.



Do you need advice on Valencia restaurants in Valencia? If you do, you can contact us and we will help you. Contact Guiarte Valencia.

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