Eat well in Valencia: because Valencia is much more than just paella

One thing we can boast about in Valencia is our gastronomy. We are a gateway to the Mediterranean, we have sea and we have mountains. We also have the Valencian “huerta”, a number of vegetable gardens, and one of the best markets in the whole country: Mercado Central. But Valencia is much more than that. It is much more than paella, rice in general, horchata and fartons. But understand that we do love paella, fartons and, of course, horchata


But today we putting on our gourmet hats in Guiarte Valencia, and we want to select the 5 best places to eat and drink fabulously in the city. Places with a different style, but always very Valencian. Table for two!


  1. El Observatorio

Apart from being one of the best places to eat in Valencia, you can find it in the Patraix area, far from the crowds of El Carmen and Ruzafa. El observatorio was originally a perfumery and drugstore. In recent years it has been advertised as a ceviche restaurant, nail salon, Pokémon gym and even the neighbourhood sex shop. 100% original and high quality. Everything they have is terrific!

  1. Ca la Mar

Cabanyal, oh Cabanyal! The heart of the sea. Ca la Mar is one of those restaurants that make you feel like home. Good food, good atmosphere, friendly waiters and good prices. We can not ask for more! If you request a table on a sunny day, know that the terrace is super cozy.

  1. Nori Izakaya

In Valencia we also have some great Asian cuisine, and Nori Izakaya is a great example. This one’s also far from the crowds, in the Petxina area, just a few minutes walk from the city centre. To speak of Nori Izakaya is to speak of quality. This Japanese restaurant is located in Carrer de l’Historiador Diago, 20 (Plaza España). They keep a careful eye on their raw materials, as can be seen in the final result of each dish. Everything is fresh and very tasty!

  1. Bodega Anyora

Anyora is a winery with “vins i menjars de sempre” (“the wines and foods of old”) located in Calle Vicent Gallart, in the Canyamelar area, since 1937. A tribute to the traditional dish, the one your grandmother cooked, the one that brings back so many memories, the one that brings a smile to your face just thinking about it.


The dish you yearn to enjoy again. And the place is also beautiful!


  1. Colmado La Lola.

Colmado LaLola, Valencia. Photo: Eva Máñez

A classic among classics with an outstanding location. Have you already visited the Micalet in the Cathedral? Well, right at its foot.  The story goes: more than 50 years ago a woman, Violeta, was dispatching in her grocery store in Calle Peris Brell in Valencia. Like her mother and grandmother before her, she dedicated herself to trade, serving clients from the neighbourhood.

Over half a century later, Violeta’s story continues in Colmado LaLola thanks to her son, who opened this place. An ode to a Valencian classic: the spirit of the botiga (a little shop).

This aroma of tradition, of the soul of well-done crafts, is transferred to a place of worship where you can enjoy fresh products such as Valencian oysters, cockles, sea urchins, etc., but also salted and smoked meats and cheese. Or maybe some unforgettable classics such as cod fritters, homemade croquettes or scrambled eggs with truffles.

There are many Valencian dishes beyond paella and here you have them all! The service is always friendly and during the week it’s open until 23:00.



If you enjoy eating and come to Valencia, find out about our gastronomic tours


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