One of the most common questions I get from tourists is: When is the best time to visit Valencia?


It seems really easy to answer but it depends on what you’re looking for when you visit the city. If you want beach, sunbathing, high temperatures, and walking through the old town in the evening, the best time for your visit to the city is during the summer.

If instead you look for more active holidays, walking around the town at any time, visiting the beach –without swimming in the sea–, I would say the best time for that would be from September to October and from February to the end of May.

It should be noted that due to its location on the Mediterranean coast Valencia is a city with a mild climate that invites to be visited at any time of year. We must not forget that the sun shines over the city for over 300 days every year. 🙂


If you want to experience something different, there’s nothing like coming to the city in March.


During the Fallas festival, an internationally-known holiday that attracts millions of tourists every year. March is a good month to visit due to the festival. But if you come at this time, you need to be prepared for the hustle and bustle of a city swarming with people walking around the streets, trying hard not to miss a single event.

If you come to the Fallas Festival in Valencia and you need a set of recommendations just contact me.

On the other hand, if you are a quiet, calm kind of person, we suggest February as the date for your visit.

Serenity and motion, and new things to see and places to discover at any moment in the third largest city in Spain.

Visitar Valencia


No matter when, but come visit us, you will not be disappointed.

If you also want to know the city with an Official Tour Guide, do not miss the different options we offer: tours and activities in the city.

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